Wes Thomas is a Producer & DJ hailing from Birmingham, UK.

He draws his inspiration and creativity from the early underground scene having actively been involved as a DJ from the late 90’s.


Over the past 10 years,  Wes has spent most of his time in the studio, learning his craft and conjuring up production which incorporates bubbly bass-lines with an underground feel and stand out vocals.  His music has now progressed on and has attracted recognition from labels, DJ's, radio playlists and the music community as a whole. Wes continues to receive support from his music peers while also maintaining his efforts in trying to push boundaries. 

Wes now focuses on taking his sound to the international stage while collaborating with raising and established artists.


Labels released with:


Four40 Records 

Open House Records

Sound on Sound 

Spliced Vinyl Records

GS Music 

About The Music Records